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Oxy Tonic is integral to the DNP Balancing Procedure. This procedure is the most important first step to strengthening your metabolism and also reducing stress on your immune system, your nervous system, and your hormonal system.The key to understanding this procedure is one very important nutrient – sulfur. When people think of mineral nutrition, they usually just think of calcium, magnesium and maybe some trace minerals like zinc, but no one talks about sulfur -and yet sulfur and particularly one special type of sulfur that is in the supplement Oxy Tonic, is more important to help your metabolism produce energy and protect against all aspects of aging than all the other mineral nutrients combined.There’s no mineral nutrient that does more to help the body produce energy from oxygen than this special sulfur, yet at the same time, no nutrient does more to protect your body by acting as an anti-oxidant than this supplement does. Your body’s most important anti-oxidant systems – the ones that protect you from premature aging, and protect you from inflammation – are made from the special sulfur.So our first step is always to make sure the body has enough of this special nutrient – a nutrient that you will not find even mentioned in health food stores promotional literature, and most other doctors are not even aware of it, let alone can offer it to you as an inexpensive supplement.Since nothing else you do will work completely until your body is fully loaded with this special nutrient, you will want to do this balancing procedure. which can be considered a saturation. You take a little bit of this supplement for a couple of days, then you increase the amount for a few days, and at some point your body becomes fully saturated – in other words, it has all it can absorb and utilize – at which point you know that you’re done. How do we know when that point is reached? The supplement will pass you un-absorbed and you will detect a bit of a sulfur odor in your stool. That’s all there is to it.

*Negative valance sulfur:

  •  neutralizes the tissue acidity associated with an Anaerobic Imbalance
  • counteracts the damage of excess sterol fats
  • replaces abnormal anaerobic metabolism with aerobic energy production
  • normalizes membrane permeability of anaerobic membranes
  • prevents or reverses the pathological hyperplasia associated with abnormal anabolic processes**
  • is a fundamental anti-oxidant
  • is a general detoxifier, and particularly aids hepatic detoxification processes
  • is an essential component of many structural proteins, particularly connective tissues
  • is an essential component of many functional proteins --- a diverse array of enzymes
  • prevents kidney stones that form in alkaline urine**
  • has antihistamine activity
  • protects against lead poisoning**
  • protects against oxalate poisoning**



Serving size: 570 mg.
Each bottle 2 oz.
Servings per container: 100

*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
 **This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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