Activator Multi-Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals for Adults


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The essence of the philosophy behind ACTIVATOR formulation relates to providing . . .


How? With a full complement of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals - in their most bio-available and bioactive forms. A host of other vital nutrients are also included as aids in defense against noxious environmental influences.
All these essential ingredients are found in proportions that will not alter the Five Fundamental Metabolic Balances.
Furthermore, the disintegration curve of ACTIVATOR (and all NUTRI-SPEC products) is such that the nutrients are fully dissolved when they reach their site of intestinal absorption.

Special ingredients not commonly found in ordinary multiples:

  • Glutathione & L-Histidine, two of the most powerful free-radical scavengers known.
  • L-Carnitine, essential in promoting normal oxidative energy production and fatty-acid metabolism.
  • Coenzyme Q-10, for energy production, free-radical quenching & myocardial strengthening.
  • Vitamins B1, B2 & B6 in their biologically active coenzyme form.
  • A blend of the amino acids that are destroyed by cooking food.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate, a fat soluble form of vitamin C for maximum bioactivity.
  • Chromium Nicotinate, for its beneficial effects on sugar levels & muscle metabolism.
  • Calcium Orotate, for increased GI absorption, increased bone density, & immune function enhancement.
  • Mineral Aspartates, for increased GI absorption & cellular assimilation & utilization; improved cell membrane integrity; immune function enhancement; better bone density; & increased muscle & myocardial stamina.


Each bottle contains 240 Tablets;
Standard dose: Two with breakfast and two with dinner each day.


There is one and only one multiple supplement which has been developed to give you everything that may be missing from your diet, as well as the high-powered nutrients to help keep you looking and feeling your best while preventing the development of degenerative diseases. That supplement is ACTIVATOR.


How is it different from the typical multiple supplement that you get from the health food store? You get two unique benefits from ACTIVATOR. The first benefit is the broad diversity of nutrients. No less than 37 nutritional factors are found in ACTIVATOR. None of these nutrients are in the forms, or in the excess quantities, that have been shown to cause the damage as found with typical supplements.

The second special benefit you get from ACTIVATOR relates to the high biological activity of the nutrients. This means that the nutrients are provided in forms that are easily absorbed and participate most efficiently in your body's metabolic processes. This quality distinction between ACTIVATOR and other sources of nutrients is so important that we have to give you some specific examples so that you understand that ........

Go to the kitchen and get out a loaf of bread and a box of cereal. Now read on the labels until you come to the B vitamins used to enrich these products. You will likely find Vitamin B1 listed there as thiamine hydrochloride or mononitrate; you will also find Vitamin B6 listed as pyridoxine hydrochloride. These are the forms of Vitamin B1 and B6 universally used in nutrition supplements and the enrichment of foods. But here is something that no one ever told you: These are not the forms of these vitamins that are used naturally by your body.

ACTIVATOR contains B vitamins in their biologically active enzyme co-factor form. Vitamin B2 exists in the form of riboflavine-5-phosphate, the form of the vitamin occurring naturally in tissues and cells.

And the Vitamin B1 and B6? In ACTIVATOR you will find them as thiamine pyrosphosphate and as pyridoxal-5-phosphate instead of the cheap stuff used in the food industry and in the supplement industry. ACTIVATOR's enzyme co-factor forms of B vitamins, unlike common supplemental B vitamins, require no conversion in order to be efficiently utilized by your body.

One other important consideration concerning B vitamins is your body's ability to absorb them. The health food industry is happy to dress up their label with mega doses of B vitamins making you think you are getting more for your money. Using Vitamin B1 as an example, did you know that the maximum dose your body can absorb is less than 4 milligrams? What does that say about a supplement that contains 10, 20, or even 50 milligrams of Vitamin B1? Who ever made that product is either ignorant or dishonest -- either way you don't want the garbage they're selling. ACTIVATOR gives you the highest biological activity nutrients, in quantities for maximum absorption and utilization.

Another noteworthy component of ACTIVATOR is Vitamin C in fat-soluble form. This form of Vitamin C is retained and utilized far more effectively than the ordinary water-soluble Vitamin C.

An even more important benefit you get from ACTIVATOR is its mineral and trace mineral content. Again, efficiency of absorption and utilization is the key. One example to illustrate is the trace mineral chromium. In ACTIVATOR you find chromium polynicotinate, which has been shown to be 18 times more bio-active than other forms of chromium, and, which is also the form of chromium that relates specifically to preventing blood sugar (and brain sugar) problems.

One other benefit from ACTIVATOR compared to other supplements is its high proportion of trace minerals to vitamins. ACTIVATOR is formulated with careful consideration given to the typical diet. Bread, cereal, and beverages are (as you know) commonly fortified with B and C vitamins, yet contain little, if any, trace minerals. You already learned earlier in this brochure that trace mineral status is further jeopardized by the largely unrecognized fact that supplementation with vitamins can actually further deplete trace mineral levels.

Another benefit from ACTIVATOR (and one reason why it costs just a little more than the garbage put out by the health food industry) is that it contains physiologically significant quantities of all its nutrients. A common trick employed by health food companies is to dress up product labels with the names of all kinds of fancy nutrients -- but they put them in there in insignificant quantities.

Consider, for instance, the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione. You may find glutathione listed on the label of a popular supplement in a quantity such as 1600 micrograms. 1600 might look like an impressive number, but 1600 micrograms is so small as to be totally insignificant -- another attempt to trick you into thinking you are getting more than you are. ACTIVATOR contains 40 milligrams of glutathione -- 25 times the quantity of this nutrient that you will ever find in an ordinary supplement (if you find any at all).

Activator contains all the heat-labile amino acids in nutritionally significant quantities. Just what does it mean that these vital amino acids are heat-labile? It means that at ordinary cooking temperatures these amino acids are functionally destroyed to some degree.

How significant is the nutritional loss of these amino acids such as lysine, methionine, taurine, and the rest? Each amino acid has dozens of functional pathways it can take, not to mention thousands upon thousands of structural proteins into which it can be incorporated. Since most people eat too many carbohydrates and sugars, and, eat much of their insufficient protein over-cooked, they are all suffering to some extent the functional and structural consequences of amino acid insufficiencies.

How much amino acid supplementation is included in ACTIVATOR? Just enough to replace the amount of that amino acid destroyed in cooking. There is hardly a metabolic pathway in human physiology that is not adversely affected by insufficient availability of vital amino acids. The amino acids in Activator give one more significant advantage in living stronger longer.

Perhaps the most basic advantage you get from ACTIVATOR is that you absorb virtually all the nutrients. This is due to what is called the dissolution characteristics of the supplement. You see, most vitamins and minerals have only a very short section of your intestines through which they can be absorbed. Most supplements do not even begin to dissolve in your intestine until they have passed the point of absorption for most nutrients. (This is probably why more damage isn't done by the typical trashy supplement -- most of the ingredients pass right through you and into the toilet without ever actually being absorbed into your blood.) When ACTIVATOR is taken after a meal, the supplement breaks down completely long before it gets even to the beginning part of your intestinal tract, so that all the nutrients are absorbed.

You can easily see that the scientific evidence supports ACTIVATOR as being the perfect foundation of your nutrition plan. Begin taking it today -- and continue taking it for a longer, stronger life (along with the "Eat Well - Be Well" Dietary Guidelines).

This product is the essential foundation for our Nutritional Wellness program and all of the metabolic imbalances indetified by Nutri-Spec Testing.

 *Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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