Inflam-Aging Pathologies

During the high energy phase of your daily cycle, your body is putting up its best defense against Pathological Hyperplasia - an excessive anabolic buildup of dysfunctional tissue.

During your rebuilding phase of your daily cycle, you are defending against Pathological Disintegration - an excessive catabolic breakdown of tissue structure and function.

*Examples of anabolic pathological hyperplasia include:


Hypertrophic boney exostoses

Fibrotic deposits in soft tissues


Sclerosis of the vascular system

Manifested as:

- calcium deposits

- arthritic joints

- artery blockages

- fatty liver

- high triglycerides

- cysts or tumors

- Type II diabetes

- high blood pressure

*Examples of catabolic pathological disintegration include:

Muscular atrophy


Rheumatoid arthritis

Widespread oxidative free radical damage (lipid peroxidation (fatty acids) and glycation (sugars), which is expressed as:

Oxidative damage to blood vessel walls (which is a precursor to the anabolic hyperplasia of arterial sclerosis).

Oxidative damage to the genetic material intracellularly (which decreases regenerative capacity and, predisposes to mutation).

Oxidative damage to the mitochondria (decreasing energetic capacity).

Oxidative damage to brain cells (leading to senile dementia).

Oxidative damage to connective tissue throughout the body (a precursor to the anabolic response of cross linking of connective tissue).

Manifested as:

- muscle pain

- fatigue

- memory loss

- indigestion

- immune system dysfunction

- high cholesterol

- decreased sexual function

- age spots

- auto-immune diseases

Note: By listing the above pathologies we are not making a claim that we are “treating” these diseases and/or conditions. We are simply claiming that we can provide nutritional support that scientific research has shown will protect against these conditions. The above list just does a nice job of completing the picture of just what the protective benefits of the Diphasic Nutrition Plan (DNP) are.

Disclaimer: The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. No statement shall be deemed as making a diagnosis or providing a treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.