Zinc and Vitamin C for Covid 19?

I hear many people these days say we should all be taking more Vitamin C and zinc because they are both “good for the immune system?” They don’t know that it is dangerous and damaging to take too much of one nutrient in proportion to all the others. Why?

Because many nutrients block the absorption, utilization, or retention of other nutrients, and/ or, when supplemented excessively, quickly cause metabolic imbalances and actual clinical pathology.

This problem of nutrient antagonism always happens when you use a “this is good for that’ approach to nutrition. Bad idea.


One of the most dramatic examples of this problem occurs between zinc and copper. Zinc so thoroughly blocks copper absorption and utilization that only two weeks of zinc intake of 18.5 milligrams daily is enough to cause a copper deficiency (1). Extensive studies on animals performed at Ohio State University demonstrate that the ideal ratio between zinc and copper in the diet is 3-1. If our daily requirement for copper is about 3 milligrams, that means to maintain proper proportion between zinc and copper, we should ingest no more than 10 milligrams of zinc daily. Think this through — 18.5 milligrams minus 10 milligrams means that an excess zinc intake of only 8.5 milligrams is enough to deplete our copper reserves in only two weeks.

Now, think of a guy out there taking “Prostate Support” as a disease-specific approach to “treating the prostate.” Each tablet of Prostate Support includes 30 milligrams of zinc and he’s told to take 4-6 tablets daily. That means he’s getting as much as 180 milligrams of zinc daily. Suppose his copper intake was a perfectly normal 3 milligrams daily. His zinc to copper ratio, then, was 180/3 = 60. Are you following the numbers? He had a 60:1 zinc to copper ratio when 3:1 is normal and about 6:1 is enough to cause copper deficiency in two weeks. What is the pathological potential of supplementing with fully 20 times the ideal amount of zinc? Would it be any wonder that he has a list of bizarre symptoms and conditions a mile long. How many of those are directly caused by the zinc supplementation?

Everyone “knows” that zinc is not only “good for” the prostate, but also for the immune system, for the pancreas, for diabetics, for the skin, the eyes, etc., etc., etc., Go to any health food store, and you are sure to find bottles of zinc on the shelves, but you will virtually never find a copper supplement. So, though a quiet killer, a killer all the same.

zinc causes a copper deficiency

zinc increases body fat deposition

zinc decreases conversion of thyroid hormone from T4 to T3

zinc causes excess prolactin

zinc elevates blood sugar

zinc causes fibrosis of the pancreas

zinc blocks the assimilation and utilization of iron

zinc increases the need for the amino acid tyrosine

zinc causes elevated cholesterol (2)

zinc causes coronary artery disease

zinc decreases testosterone and spermatogenesis


*calcium causes zinc deficiency

*phosphorous causes zinc deficiency

*iodine deficiency causes a zinc deficiency in the brain

*folic acid causes a zinc deficiency

*vitamin B12 causes a zinc deficiency

*cysteine causes a zinc deficiency

*histidine causes a zinc deficiency

*lysine causes a zinc deficiency

*threonine causes a zinc deficiency

*ACE inhibitors cause a zinc deficiency

*copper causes a zinc deficiency

Let us pause. We have considered just one nutrient, zinc, and all the ways its excess can foul up nutrition balance, as well as the many, many non-specific supplements that can cause zinc deficiency. So, ask yourself, what about the person who takes a lysine supplement every day to control cold sores? You can be 100% sure he/she is deficient in zinc. What about someone who takes zinc lozenges to control chronic recurring sore throats? You can be sure that zinc is causing multiple nutrition deficiencies and imbalances.

Vitamin C

Did you know that Vitamin C in doses greater than 180 milligrams is a total waste of money because it is not absorbed and tends to cause gas and bloating in your intestinal tract?

Eighty to ninety percent of Vitamin C is absorbed up to a dose of 180 milligrams, but beyond that, absorption decreases rapidly so that at 5000 milligrams doses only 24% is absorbed, while the rest just irritates your digestive system.

Did you know that Vitamin C depletes your body of many mineral and trace mineral nutrients?

The truth is your kidneys cannot excrete any Vitamin C without combining it with an important mineral nutrient such as calcium or magnesium or zinc. Every single molecule of excess Vitamin C that gets dumped in your urine steals from you an important mineral nutrient.

Did you know that Vitamin C will particularly cause a deficiency in the essential trace mineral copper?

Did you know that excess Vitamin C will actually cause high cholesterol?

Did you know that the “anti-oxidant” Vitamin C will actually decrease the activity of ceruloplasmin, one of your body’s most important antioxidants?

Did you know that excess Vitamin C can damage DNA, and also damage cell membranes because of its oxidant (not anti-oxidant) activity?

Did you know that because it is such a strong oxidant (not anti-oxidant) more than 500 milligrams of Vitamin C will cause the formation in your DNA of oxoadeninea powerfully damaging toxin which particularly will harm the heart and other organs?

Did you know that Vitamin C will convert the mineral iron to a form that damages the blood vessels and leads to hardening of the arteries and heart blockage?

Did you know that Vitamin C can auto-oxidize, and instead of being an anti-oxidant to protect you against free radical damage, will actually cause free radical damage?

This oxidation of Vitamin C occurs most easily in the presence of minerals such as iron, manganese, and chromium. When excess Vitamin C is taken with these mineral nutrients you are particularly likely to suffer free radical damage.

Did you know that excess Vitamin C will cause the formation of the toxic chemical pentosadine, a marker of premature aging and tissue destruction?

Did you know that Vitamin C causes destruction of proteins in your body that will accelerate the aging process?

This acceleration of aging by Vitamin C is particularly pronounced in anyone with a diabetic tendency. The protein-destructive effects of Vitamin C are particularly associated with cataract formation.

So, now you know about excess Vitamin C being a harmful oxidant instead of the anti-oxidant that it should be when used responsibly. In its damaging role as an oxidant, Vitamin C destroys the activity of one other important anti-oxidant — Vitamin E. But, the reverse can also occur. Excess Vitamin E will also act as an oxidant instead of an anti-oxidant and in fact, doses of Vitamin E much above 140 milligrams will actually destroy the activity of Vitamin C.


Taking single nutrientsupplements especially in excess can be damaging both directly and indirectly. And the examples could go on and on and on.

Now, take what you just learned about zinc and vitamin C, multiply it by the total number of trace minerals, the total number of macro minerals, the total number of vitamins, and all the amino acids. You can see that disease-specific single nutrient supplementation sets off …


Save yourself from iatrogenic and self-inflicted nutrient imbalances. …..

Don’t do it!!

To summarize: Both Vitamin C and zinc work against the activity of copper. Combining vitamin C and zinc has such a powerful anti-copper effect that it can actually cause cardio-vascular disease. (3) Only two weeks of zinc supplementation of 18.5 milligrams is enough to cause a copper deficiency. (1)


When you take NUTRI-SPEC, every single supplement is balanced so that it does not cause any nutrient antagonism problems.

With the Diphasic Nutrition Plan (DNP), you can be certain you are getting supplements to powerfully increase our your Adaptative Capacity, with 100% assurance that you are protecting your Metabolic Balance Systems —unlike the vast majority of others who claim to offer clinical nutrition services.

Supplement responsibly – depend only on Nutri-Spec.


1. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1985 Feb;41:285-92.

2. JAMA. 240:2188-89.

3. Medical Hypoptheses. 1987 Oct;24:111-19.

Disclaimer: The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. No statement shall be deemed as making a diagnosis or providing a treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.

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