Nutritional Wellness Plan for the Baby Boomers

It is amazing to realize that 10,000 of the baby boomer generation (that’s me) reach age 65 every single day – that’s 70,000 a week and over 300,000 a month! 

But get this – one out of every four have a genetic tendency to mixed mold mycotoxicosis, one out of six have a genetic tendency to Eosinophilic fungal rhinosinusitis and one of nine will develop Alzheimer’s disease. 

Another disturbing statistic is that the number of adults with type two diabetes (insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome) has increased 500% since 1980. Could it be that because the baby boomers consumed from birth probably about 10 times more sugar and carbs than any previous generation have anything to do to this? 

Abdominal weight gain accompanied by hypertension with fatigue and depression is often the first sign of insulin resistance. So, if you have a tubby tummy and elevated blood pressure now, you’re practically guaranteed to eventually be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and succumb to medical treatment for diabetes – unless you change your lifestyle now!

New research has uncovered that there is strong indications that Candida is a cause of Alzheimer’s disease – if not the cause. So, besides overloading with sugar, what else about the baby boomers could be related to one in nine ending up with Alzheimer’s? We were the first generation after it was “scientifically” discovered that baby formula was superior to human milk. In turn, many baby boomers never developed anything close to a healthy gut microbiota – and when you add other factors like birth control pills, estrogen replacement, indiscriminate overuse of antibiotic’s etc. – there becomes a certainty for susceptibility to Candida.

Remember this study: Akbari, et al. Effect of probiotic supplementation on cognitive function and metabolic status in Alzheimer’s disease. Front Aging Neurosci, Nov, 2016.

Here is a summary: After just 12 weeks of probiotic supplementation the Alzheimer’s group improved on their cognitive scores by 28%, while untreated Alzheimer’s patient’s continued to deteriorate with their exam scores dropping by 5%. — Wow! – considering the no drug has anywhere near that kind of positive effect – amazing!.

Even more amazing was that not only were the Alzheimer’s patients who were supplemented with probiotics improved in their cognitive function – they also improved in all of the metabolic markers related to insulin resistance. 

The point is that Candida, Alzheimer’s and metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance are all related as parts of one degenerative complex.

In short – the “Pepsi Generation” carboholics that fail to develop a healthy intestinal microbiota, develop insulin resistance /metabolic syndrome and a host of other Immuno–Neuro-Endocrine stress related health problems – and when accompanied by other environmental stressors, become susceptible to Candida. 

While in general baby boomers have a 1 in 9 chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease, it’s probably much, much higher if there are already signs of metabolic syndrome/ insulin resistance and mold fungal problems like reoccurring vagina yeast infections, chemical sensitivities, toenail fungus and chronic sinus congestion.

But the bottom line is – what are you going do about this? Why will so few of you who read this take advantage of Nutri-spec’s metabolic therapy and/or the diphasic anti-aging nutrition program? People suffer from lack of knowledge and fixed ideas. Don’t let yourself fall victim – for the consequences can be devastating.

You can now put together your own anti-aging supplement program via the following informational pages on the website:

  1. Immuno-Symbiotic Guideline – criteria for choosing which product to order.
  2. Anti-aging DNP Supplement Guidelines

These links can be accessed on the Anti-Aging Nutritional Wellness Plan page:

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