The Inflammation/ Tubby Tummy Vicious Cycle

Are you caught in the NASTY, VICIOUS CYCLE OF INFLAMMATION CAUSING WEIGHT GAIN AND THE WEIGHT GAIN CAUSING AN INCREASE IN SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION? Tubby Tummy is an inflammatory condition and the only “cure” for the Tubby Tummy is to break the “inflammation yields inflammation yields even more inflammation” vicious cycle. The only way to break that cycle is with the powerful anti-inflammatory supplementation that research literature has shown to be truly effective — such supplements as your Taurine, Lipoic Acid, Immuno-Synbiotic (plus the other adaptogens in your ADAPTO-MAX and OXY-MAX).

Those supplements, plus devotion to “Eat Well – BE Well”, is simply and directly the only road to success — that all the health food Flavors of the Month (such as cinnamon and Resveratrol and fish oil) are a waste of money and a destroyer of hope. Only the right Immuno-Synbiotic, with probiotics chosen specifically to meet that individual patient’s needs, will normalize the Gut-Brain Axis and Gut-Adipose Axis. Combining the Immuno-Synbiotic plus “Eat Well – Be Well” specifically addresses the connections between the immune system and the hypothalamus, and between the immune system and the inflammatory factory within each fat cell. Combine that anti-inflammatory influence with the systemic anti-inflammatory effects of Taurine and Lipoic Acid — and you can break this viscous cycle.

Want to talk about chronic fatigue? About fibromyalgia? About hardening of the arteries? About elevated cholesterol? About high blood pressure? About arthritis pain? About premenstrual distress?  Well, as I’m sure you already know by now, these are all inflammatory conditions. Nutri-Spec offers you a better way to reduce inflammation than the common anti-inflammatory drugs and you will no longer need to do “selfie” drug prescriptions or let yourself be misled by health food store sales literature that is so full of hype and nonsense. is the only place where you get the science backing up your belief in a natural approach to maximizing health.

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