I am sure that if you are at this site that you are familiar with the concept of INFLAM-AGING – that it is a component of almost any disease or symptom you can name.

Unfortunately, most people get snookered into buying things like turmeric, fish oil, cinnamon and Resveratrol, or one of the other Alternative Health Care …. FLAVORS OF THE MONTH.

Instead of wasting money and ending up suffering the consequences of false hopes, be empowered by the true anti-inflammatory ADAPTOGENS found in Nutri-Spec supplements.

Nutri-Spec formulations are chalked full of EXTRAORDINARY NUTRIENTS:

In turn,

– One month on Immuno-Synbiotic yields more immune system benefits than an entire lifetime on Resveratrol.

– One month of Tocotrienol (OXY-MAX) supplementation will control manifestations of Eicosanoid-derived inflammatory cytokines and Prostaglandins — while a month of the health food industry darling, fish oil supplementation will actually accelerate catabolic oxidative damage.

– One month of Lipoic Acid supplementation (ADAPTO-MAX and OXY-MAX) yields a broad array of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-reductive effects — that reverse inflammation and reverse premature aging processes.

Start today and stop the ravages of Inflam-aging,

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