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I see a lot of material out there promoting “detoxification” – that is just plain silly. Thought I would share something in that regard that is real.

On March 21, 2018, a drug under development by Fennec Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company, to treat a condition for which there are no drugs currently approved, nor any other drugs even under development was given FDA fast track approval…. This drug has shown a remarkable ability to prevent ototoxicity in children caused from the drug Cisplatin. This is very important because Cisplatin is a common and essential chemotherapeutic drug — and the only treatment option — for many childhood malignancies. However, the survivors of pediatric cancer almost all suffer hearing loss, and many of them go deaf. Final approval of the drug is expected in the second half of 2019.

How does this drug work to protect the deafness that occurs in up to 90% of Cisplatin-treated children? When administered 6 hours after Cisplatin, it inactivates the toxic by-products of Cisplatin — the toxic compounds that cause the hearing loss. — What an amazing ADAPTOGEN!!! What incredible detoxification capacity!!! — How complex must this compound be that offers such unmatched protection against chemical toxins? —– Actually, this miracle “drug” is not complex at all, and in fact, it is entirely natural. — And — it’s a vital component member of NUTRI-SPEC’s Treasure Chest of supplements.

It is none other than …. OXY TONIC.

Yep, the biochemists and molecular biologists at Fennec discovered the same physiological truth that’s been a pillar of Nutri-Spec from it’s inception – that naturally occurring thiosulfate ion (negative valence sulfur) is practically unmatched in its capacity to assist in detoxification, and to protect cellular membranes — while all the while balancing tissue pH.

How does this pharmaceutical company “get away with” getting FDA approval for Oxy Tonic — and making zillions of dollars from it? The trick is that they make a minor alteration in the molecular structure of the sodium thiosulfate (Oxy Tonic), such that they can get a patent on the molecule (whereas they could not patent the natural form of sodium thiosulfate that is found in Oxy Tonic).

Consider adding Oxy Tonic to your DNP Nutrition Plan today.

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