Cinnamon or Extraordinary Nutrients?

It is hyped extensively by the natural health industry as being “anti-inflammatory”. Yet, a literature search of Pub Med only found one paper. In the study, a test group of women with rheumatoid arthritis were given 2000 mg of cinnamon for eight weeks. Their levels of pro-inflammatory C-reactive protein and TNF alpha were reduced. However, for a person to get 2000 mg a day it would cost them $400 a month in cinnamon supplement pills! Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects achieved by this would be equal to less than one aspirin a day. 

There are countless studies publish using supplements like lipoic acid, Co- Q 10, mixed tocopherols and tocotrienals and the many other powerful nutrients and adaptogens found In the Nutrispec line of products that make up the diphasic nutrition plan (DNP). Just taking diphasic a.m. and p.m. gives one many times the anti-inflammatory benefits that cinnamon could ever hope to give. 

They’ve also tried with lots of studies to show cinnamon would help insulin resistance and lower cholesterol and triglycerides etc. – but a summary of 200 of those studies showed that at best you can only get a modest improvement in fasting glucose and hemoglobin A-1 C if your cinnamon supplements are taken in conjunction with medication and making lifestyle changes (like lowering carbs and sugar intake). There is zero evidence to show that cinnamon does anything to help control blood sugar in a non-fasting state. 

There is one study however that shows that cinnamon improves the bacteria balance in the intestines known as the human microbiota. Hence, these benefits of cinnamon turn out to be mediated entirely by its influence on improving the gut barrier. But that’s why we have Immune power, immune restore, and immune X-flam.  

Don’t waste your money on cinnamon supplements. The di-phasic nutrition plan (DNP) along with the specific immuno-symbiotic product is all you need to be as healthy as you can be. 

Check the extraordinary nutrients that are in diphasic a.m. and p.m. accessed via the label information link on those DNP product pages or below. 

Extraordinary Nutrients:

Extraordinary Nutrients
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