Our store features NUTRI-SPEC - the only supplements with biologically active and bio-available combinations of Metabolic Activators (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids), Adaptogens and Anti-oxidants in balanced proportions.


The essence of the philosophy behind Nutri-Spec supplementation and formulation relates to providing optimum bio-efficiency. This is accomplished by ensuring that all nutrients are provided in their most absorbable (all nutrients are fully dissolved by the time they reach their site of intestinal absorption) and most biologically active forms - forms not found in other supplements.


Never before the NUTRI-SPEC product line have supplements been available with such potent biological activity –  potency that comes not from mega doses, but from specific combinations of nutrients in their ideal proportions. Nutri-Spec supplements promote metabolic balance and improved physiological function for the full spectrum of patients, from the degenerative disease sufferers to the competitive athlete.



* Absorption over shelf life

* Quality over quantity

* Ideal proportions over unbalance…


With Nutri-Spec you can rest assured that you are getting only the very best. Check out some of Nutri-Spec's extraordinary nutrients :


Do you know the difference between a biologically active nutrient and one that has very little impact on physiology; between a nutrient that is absorbed and one that is flushed down the toilet and a tablet that is like a rock and one that dissolves for easy absorption? 



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If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Dr. Larry Johnston who has 30+ years of experience using Nutri-Spec metabolic and anti-aging nutritional therapy in clinical practice.

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