INFLAMM-AGING DNP (Diphasic Nutrition Plan)


INFLAMM-AGING” describes the combined disease-causing assaults on our body from Chronic Inflammation and Accelerated Aging.

“DIPHASIC” describes the two phases of our daily metabolic cycle - both phases of which cause stress on our body that can lead to Inflamm-Aging. The Diphasic Cycle and DNP Explained.


  1.  Avoid Diet Induced Inflammation by strictly following the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
  2.  Supplement your diet with Nutri-Spec formulations to ensure that you have the wide variety of nutrients necessary for the DNP to:
    • Empower Cellular Energy (ATP Synthesis).
    • Strengthen Antioxidant Defenses. 
    • Normalize Gut Immune Function.
    • Protect against the Age related Anabolic and Catabolic Pathologies
    • Energize the strength and amplitude of the daily diphasic cycle. 

Why Nutri-Spec

The supplements you take in the morning are designed to maximize your resistance to the age-related buildup of dysfunctional tissue, timed to coincide with the energy-producing phase of a healthy (youthful) cycling metabolism.

The supplements you take in the evening constitute a powerful defense against age-related break - down of your body, timed to coincide with what should be your body’s own natural surge of rebuilding and recharging activity.

Click this link to access Nutri-Spec DNP Guidelines.

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If you have any questions, you may call us at 727 943-7246 (8 - 6 EST).

Because there are many factors influencing DNP recommendations, a phone consultation with Dr. Larry Johnston can be helpful. Dr. Johnston has 40 years’ experience as a Chiropractic Kinesiologist who specialized in clinical nutrition. He also was an Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Physiology.

To receive your complementary consultation, print and fill out this DNP Questionnaire, scan and send it to or send by regular mail to: Inflammaging-DNP 311 W. Lemon St.; Tarpon Springs, Fl 34689. Upon receipt, you will be contacted asap to set up a time for the consultation.


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